About Glass City Improv


our mission

To foster the art of improv in the Toledo community through supportive education and creative performances.


We understand the power of improv. It’s more than being funny – it’s supporting your partners, it’s taking risks, it’s learning to listen and build on what you’ve heard. The value of improv goes far beyond the stage. Through classes, workshops, and innovative performances, Glass City Improv will cultivate and inspire a creative community of dynamic, intuitive improvisors.



Who We Are

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Nick Morgan


Nick spent the better part of a blurry decade studying at The Second City Conservatory and The iO Theater in Chicago.  He went on to write and perform 'Karl Lighter's Hour of Power: 45 minutes that will change your life' at Second City's Skybox Theater, and played on multiple iO house ensembles and at The Playground Theater with his beloved Wing Night.  Nick then ventured east and performed at the Washington Improv Theater in DC, while also teaching their level 5 Harold class.  He currently teaches the Level 3 class with Glass City Improv; his first level 3 teacher in Chicago was Keegan-Michael Key...so, sorry in advance.  He is tickled beyond Elmo's grave to be teaching and performing in his native Toledo and is incredibly grateful to Erin, Diana, and everyone who has helped create our wonderful improv community. 


Erin Kanary


Erin Kanary studied improv and sketch writing at The Second City and iO Theater in Chicago and Planet Ant in Detroit. She has written and performed for SketchFest Chicago, snagged a writing award at the 2013 Mary Scruggs Works by Women Comedy Festival in Chicago,  and was also featured in the Best of Second City sketch revue in 2014. She is a former house ensemble member of ComedySportz Detroit where she honed her short-form chops and played the occasional piano. Erin is currently the Level 1 instructor and proud member of Vice Chair improv troupe.  


Diana DePasquale


Diana trained in improvisation at the UCB Theater, and with Armando Diaz at The Magnet Theater in NYC. She was a member of Foreplay, and the host of Improdome! at the Peoples Improv Theater.  She has performed at the Chicago Improv Festival, the Del Close Marathon, and in  the New York International Fringe Festival in Romancing the Terrorist: Tajiki Nights. Diana is also a winner of the Moth Story Slam in Detroit. 

Diana wants you to know how grateful she is for Nick and Erin and this wonderful improv community. Thank you. 


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